People are my "thing". I love meeting new people, making them laugh, and helping them feel comfortable in front of the camera. For some reason, I have been given the art of seeing authenticity in people after first meeting them. My amazingly talented husband, Steve, is my rock and has extreme talent in all areas of Photoshop and computer 'geekdom'. He is the brains behind our business, while keeping me from flying too high with my rather extroverted personality:).

Specializing in so many different avenues of photography makes it tough to say which is my favorite; seniors, weddings, babies or families. I do love to hang with the sassy seniors, allowing them to be who they authentically are in front of my camera. Weddings were the first area of photography that I began with years ago. A true joy of mine is capturing the essence of each couple's wedding day. I love every facet of each wedding that we shoot. I love accumulating the moments and telling the love story that is played out right before me. I love little babies and the precious baby bumps they were in their mamma's bellies. I love seeing families grow and I am so blessed that so many families allow me to share and photograph their lives as they unfold.

Besides photography, I have a few other things I love. First and foremost, I love Jesus A close second would be my family. I just love spending time with our three daughters, Alex, Samantha, and Bekah and their precious families that are beginning to expand. Coming in next, a good cup of coffee with just the right amount of cream while sitting on my front porch journaling and just having "a moment." A glass of red wine and laughing with friends is pure bliss to me. I love life, but most of all, I would love to meet you:).

because every picture tells a story...