So, why do I want to hire a professional to shoot my wedding?

Tying the knot is one of the most exciting and life-changing decisions you’ll make in your lifetime. The number one trap that you should not fall into: Hiring your “budding photographer friend with a nice camera” to take your wedding photos. It is a recipe for disaster and it’s something that you do not want to learn the hard way. Here are five compellingly honest reasons to hire a professional wedding photographer as opposed to the owner of the “nice”camera friend or family member.


1. Commitment

We are professionals that are bound by a legal contract, so we are a sure thing and are guaranteed to show up on your big day. We won't flake out on you like someone whose reputation does not depend on reliability. We take our job very seriously and take pride in the images we capture and the follow through we provide when we first meet you through your wedding and usually well beyond that.

2. Experience

We are experienced pros and have spent thousands of hours photographing weddings. We totally know how to sneak a shot of the bride and groom’s mothers looking at the couples with tears in their eyes. We know when the bride will have that blissful smile on her face.. We know when to take the shot of the groom looking at her with so much love an overflowing excitement. We know how to get the best shots in tricky lighting. We even bring the lighting with us! We are ultra capable of all of this because we have more than enough experience (20 plus years) in wedding photography—something that your “budding photographer” friend obviously does not have.

3. Outstanding Results

We photograph wedding for a living, so you can be assured that we strive to give you the best results to make you utterly satisfied so that you will recommend us to your friends and family members. It’s a motivation that your friend with the good camera won’t have.

4. Assurance

Steve and I have seen the worst and are prepared for it. Someday I will write a book on “reality scenes behind the wedding day”J We have backup cameras, extra batteries, lighting and numerous memory cards with us. So in case something happens with the gear that we are using, we certainly won’t miss shooting any important part of your day. Knowing this can help you feel assured and excited at the same time because you know that you have awesome photographs to look forward to. If you are looking to save as much money as you can for your wedding don’t sacrifice your wedding photographs because at the end of your wedding day, the food and flowers will all be gone but your wedding photography and the memories that are captured in them are all that remain. You must get it right the first time. There are no retakes when it comes to your wedding day!

5. Reasonable pricing

Our wedding packages range between $1700 and $2500. Both options do include an engagement session. Please contact us for package details.